Let’s Talk About Brunch

Let’s Talk About Brunch

Whether you’re in need of some “hair of the dog” and pancakes to combat the activities of the night before or looking for the perfect spot to kickoff a bachelor weekend,  brunch is always a crowd pleaser. Wondering where one of our favorite meals comes from? The combination of breakfast and lunch, along with some alcoholic drinks originated in England and became popular in the U.S. in the 30’s.

There was a time that brunch was reserved for special occasions such as Easter or Mother’s Day. However, that is no longer the case. Why? Because hopping out of bed on Sunday morning isn’t as easy as it sounds after a night out. No matter where you are, brunch can be enjoyed around the world with different cultures adding their own unique twist on the late-morning meal. No matter where it is served, brunch-goers can always enjoy a meal filled with great food, amazing company, and good times.

Top Reasons We Love Brunch

The Food. Nothing is worse than walking into a restaurant with your mind set on a tall stack of pancakes and some crispy bacon, only to find out that breakfast service has ended. Instead of crushing the dreams of late-risers on Saturday and Sunday mornings,  lovers of pancakes, eggs benedict, chicken fried chicken biscuits, and more can feast on these delicious dishes beyond noon. This is something that we are very thankful for.

The Drinks. Whether you’re a bloody mary connoisseur or a mimosa devotee, cocktails are a great way to kick off a weekend morning. These classic concoctions can be found on most brunch menus along with a few unique twists including our signature Big A** Mimosas (B.A.M.s for short) which are served in a liter stein.

The Atmosphere. Every weekend, restaurants in Nashville are filled with groups of friends, families, and couples enjoying weekend brunch. At Von Elrod’s, our communal seating makes it ideal for groups to enjoy each other’s company, cheers with a few steins, and even make some new friends.

Celebrate Sunday Funday With Us

There’s no better way to fight off the Sunday Scaries than with a morning (or afternoon) filled with friends, amazing drinks, and delicious food at the best brunch in Nashville. At Von Elrod’s, we do brunch big! Our signature Big A** Mimosas are just what the doctor ordered after a night out on Broadway or after celebrating a Predators victory. Our Germantown brunch menu offers hand-cranked breakfast sausage, malted blueberry pancakes, chicken fried chicken & biscuits, and much more. Looking for a brunch restaurant near you? Enjoy Saturday and Sunday brunch at Von Elrod’s!