5 to Try: Fast food classics with a Nashville twist

The secret chef life, as anyone who has ever worked in restaurants or read Anthony Bourdain can tell you, sometimes involves a few, shall we say, dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Which is to say that even your finest chefs are not above a down-’n’-dirty drive-thru meal. The difference between them and us (or at least them and me) is that they’ll then go back to their nice kitchens and do an upscale take on the fast food we hate to love. Here are five worth trying.

Von Elrod’s

1004 Fourth Ave. N.
vonelrods.com; 615-866-1620

This isn’t the first time Chief Sausage Officer Jason Brumm has come up with a nod to fast food. To wit: His regular menu has a coney dog and Belgian fries. Not to mention soft-serve ice cream. But his Arvy’s Beef ‘n Top Cheddar is bringing the meat and paying homage to a fast-food giant. Smoked eye of round roast beef is piled high on a bun before being drenched in cheddar beer sauce and dolloped with some Arvy’s special sauce on top of that. Bonus: The roast beef on this sandwich is fully recognizable as roast beef.

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