Music City Must: Giant Pretzels at Von Elrod’s

“Lecker” is German for the word “tasty” and that’s exactly what I was saying (in English) after one bite of Von Elrod’s homemade pretzels. Friends and founders, Jason Brumm and Austin Elrod Ray, say it’s their love of beer gardens that initiated their German-themed restaurant. How fitting that Von Elrod’s just happens to be located in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville! It’s also right next door to First Tennessee Park, making it the perfect spot to visit if you want to grab a pregame meal or drink.

But, that’s not why it made my list! Let’s get back to those pretzels! Though the sausages are the star, folks keep raving about the pretzels. They’re baked fresh every day, they’re the size of your head, they’re soft, shareable, and downright delicious. They’re often what people order first, and a great way to start a conversation with experience there because they’re huge & shareable. Be sure to pair the ginormous pretzel with a beer-cheese dipping sauce! They’re always hot, they’re always fresh and they’re always amazing. I even got the chance to twist the dough myself during my visit! Let’s just say, the shape I ended up with was far from pretzel.

The pretzels are the real superstar of my segment, but I’ve got to admit Von Elrod’s has a ton of fun, interesting things that could’ve made my list of MCMs! Swing by on a busy night or festival weekend and you just might find yourself in a stein-holding competition. Participants literally hold a 32 oz stein straight out in front of them, to see who can hold it the longest. Drop the glass, spill your beer, or drop your arm below the angle – and you are disqualified. Last man and woman standing is the winner. I attended the event and had a blast! For other menu items and all the fun taking place every week at Von Elrod’s, visit 

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