The Very Best Sports Bars in Nashville

Nashville is a sports city. Ask anyone. Or just try to make it from East Nashville to downtown on a Titans game day, when the road is one single, unmoving, bumper-to-bumper slog. Or take stock of a Predators crowd, where even the most die-hard country fan will swap out their Stetson for a “SMASHVILLE” ballcap. But for those who can’t make it to the actual games, this city still has plenty to offer sports fans. Over the last few years, Nashville’s music and sports scenes have made peace and even found ways to work together, meaning you don’t have to pick between honky-tonks and catching the game anymore. Here are the best bars in Nashville to watch a game or two and knock back a few rounds.

Von Elrod’s

Most sports bars cast a wide net, but Von Elrod’s prefers to excel in a couple specific areas: 36 beer taps, each one excellent in its own right, and the real star of the show — the hand-cranked sausages. Von Elrod’s knows quality is more important than quantity, and every last crumb that comes out from their kitchen is mouth-wateringly excellent. Not into sausage? Not a problem. Go for the fried cheese curds, the deviled eggs, or their gorgeous, charcuterie plate-inspired snack boards. With food this delicious, the game may have a tough time competing for your attention.

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