Where To Grab a Big Stein in Nashville

Beer. It’s one of those things about life that’s universally acknowledged as signs of a good time. They’re usually a part of celebrations, memories about our youth, and fun parts of life. Baseball games. Barbecues. Trips to Germany. Oktoberfest. The list goes on and on.

Steinzeug-krug. Steinkrug. Stein. Admit it. The thought brings a smile to your face. It has been doing so for people since the 14th century. When something works well, why change it, right?

And if you live in Nashville, you’re lucky to share a hometown with one of the most fun places to grab your own.

Beer Selections to Write Home About

We have 36 taps of the best beers in town. And since we know that what’s considered to be best varies so much from person to person, we have a wide range to get everyone excited about being here: From traditional Belgian-style or American wheat options, to artisanal and world-class selections, you won’t have to look elsewhere to find something you love.

Some of our most popular examples include:


If you’re a fan of blonde ales, we have plenty of lagers that are reminiscent of a carefree afternoon at Hofbräuhaus. Spaten Munich Lager is a classic Bavarian selection. New Heights BrewShine is an old-world style pilsner brewed as an ale. Reissdorf Kölsch and Hi-Wire are hoppy, with the former including vanilla flavors, and the latter providing a craft beer alternative to light beer.


If you prefer to drink local options, Wiseacre Tiny Bomb is brewed right here in Tennessee by at Wiseacre Brewing Company in Memphis. And if you order a Von Elrod’s Neighborhood Pilsner, a portion of every glass will go toward local charitable organizations. We also offer true Belgian Bavik Super Pils.


If you’re a fan of a little bit of bitterness in your beer, you’ll love our New Belgium VooDoo Ranger, Bearded Iris Homestyle, or Southern Grist Teal Hazy IPAs. Each of them comes with unique flavors, from ripe citrus to Mosaic hops.

Hazy IPAs

You can also enjoy notes of different tropical fruits with our New Belgium Voodoo Ranger, Bearded Iris Homestyle, and Southern Grist Teal Hazy IPAs. Choose between citrus, or papaya and strawberry flavors.


If you’re into tartness, we’ve got you covered. Terrapin Watermelon Goose, Wanderlinger Blackbeary Hug Sour, and TrimTab Paradise Now Berliner Weisse are more than just cool names. They’re strong, refreshing, and easy to drink.

Dark Ales

We also offer dark ale options that you can drink when it’s chilly outside or simply because you just feel like it. Our Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter and Hi-Wire 5W-30 Coffee Stout are rich, include notes of chocolate, coffee, caramel, and vanilla, and have a smooth finish.


If you prefer other drink options, you can imbibe in Big Ass Mimosas, a variety of cocktails, or non-alcoholic drinks, such as soda, iced tea, root beer, or lemonade.

Grub To Make Your Heart Happy

And what’s a good beer stein without good food to accompany it? We have food options for your entire group of friends — including your vegetarian ones. Our most popular menu items include:

  • Bratwurst sausages
  • Texas-style beef brisket
  • Brisket grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Smoked chicken wings
  • Adobo chicken bowls
  • Wood grilled cheeseburgers
  • Louis spare ribs
  • Southern BBQ meats

For those who don’t eat meat, they can choose from items such as:

  • Wood grilled housemade veggie burgers
  • Avocado Crunch salad
  • Housemade pretzels (Classic Bavarian, jalapeño cheddar, and pizza)

And if you’re looking for shareable starters or want to add fun sides to your main course, our snacks and sides menu items include:

  • Fried cheese curds
  • Sweet corn fritters
  • Belgian fries
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Loaded potato salad
  • Crispy Brussels
  • Smoked sweet corn
  • Mac-n-cheese
  • Superfood slaw

Check out our full menu to browse through all of our delicious options.

Come Join Us for Big Stein Thursdays!

Having a good big stein and food is always a good idea; but it can be even more fun if there’s a full event around them. That’s why every week, we host Big Stein Thursdays! From 4:00 PM until midnight, you can order any Big Stein for the price of a small beer! So you get more bang for your buck; making it easy to treat your friends — or order another stein for yourself! (Please have a designated driver or Uber if you do so).

Great Location To Grab a Big Stein

We’re located at 1004 4th Avenue N, right across from First Horizon Park, home of the Nashville Sounds! So you can join us for Big Stein Thursdays, any day right after a baseball game, or any day of the week, really (Except Mondays. We’re closed then).

We promise you’ll be glad you did!