Why You Should Plan Your Next Family Reunion at Von Elrod’s

Planning a memorable, meaningful, and fun family reunion is quite the challenge. It takes time, a lot of organization, and patience to get everyone on board. But, out of all the steps you must think about, finding the perfect venue is the most challenging task of all. To save you time (and a few headaches), we’re going to tell you why Von Elrod’s is the perfect venue for your next family reunion.

Perfect for Small and Large Groups

For starters, Von Elrod’s is one of the few venues in Nashville that can accommodate large group gatherings. Our venue can hold a small family group of 20 or a large group of over 300 people. No matter how small or big your crew is, our catering and events services will make planning your reunion a piece of cake. Our event team will handle the food, coordination, drinks, activities, and more – all you need to do is enjoy!

Massive Outdoor Patio and Beer Garden

One of the biggest challenges with family reunions is space. Our massive outdoor beer garden and covered, heated patio is perfect for hosting every single one of your family members – even the cousins you haven’t seen in years! We have communal tables that make it super easy to catch up with family and give everyone a seat without too much hassle. You can also ask about our indoor party space to guard against unpredictable weather changes.

Drinks for All Tastes

Von Elrod’s has an extensive selection of 36 beers on tap, so everyone in your family can find the one they love the most. But, that isn’t all! We also serve wine, frozen cocktails, and other beverage options to satisfy even the pickiest drinker. Ask about our kid-friendly options so everyone in the family can enjoy their favorite sips.

Great for Kids and Adults

A family reunion without games and activities is not a real reunion. Von Elrod’s beer garden has fun games all around, including cornhole and ping pong. Thanks to our open-air beer garden space, you can also plan fun family activities like an egg race, scavenger hunt, talent shows, and much more. Ask our event coordinators for different activities and games you can schedule in advance.

Extensive Menu for All Your Picky Eaters

Every family has its share of picky eaters, so at Von Elrod’s, our extensive menu is here to accommodate even the pickiest palettes. We have excellent catering options that serve BBQ, pretzels, sausages, boxed lunches, and desserts. Our love for celebrating with the best drinks and foods runs deep, and it’s one of the reasons we’re one of the best venues in Nashville for family reunions. We truly serve everyone.


If you’re planning a family reunion soon, Von Elrod’s beer garden is the perfect place in Nashville to celebrate with your family. Call our event coordinators to start getting everything in place for your reunion. Visit us today!