Top 6 Things To Eat While In Germany

Von Elrod’s Beer Hall & Kitchen was inspired by Germany and the celebration of Oktoberfest. What we really love about German culture is the communal atmosphere of German beer gardens. We love seeing people come together, enjoy a good time, and become friends! In order to bring the experience of a true German beer garden to Nashville, we filled our menu with sausages made in-house, giant pretzels, and smokes meats as well as local and international beers.

Germany has an extremely rich culture, unique personality, and endless amounts traditions. Their palate is no exception. Listed below are some of Germany’s most authentic and world-famous dishes that you should try if you ever get the chance to visit. The best part? All of these dishes go down nicely with a nice stein of beer, which is a must-have during your visit.  


Just like America, Germany also has their own version of street food. A traditional German staple is the Currywurst. What is it exactly? Well, it’s a steamed pork sausage cut into bite size pieces. Think of a bratwurst with a special sauce. The sauce is not an Indian Curry sauce like the name suggests, but rather a tomato sauce that enhances the flavors and transfers your taste buds out of this world.


Schnitzel looks very similar to a country fried steak. The Schnitzel is a cuisine covered up in breadcrumbs with your choice of meat and is usually served with a side of mashed potatoes. Schnitzel is a tradition that has been kept alive through generations and generations. Believe it or not, we happen to have a schnitzel plate of our own here at Von Elrod’s. We call it the hot chicken Schnitzel.


Spaetzle is eaten all throughout Germany. It’s a stuffed dumpling made with fresh eggs. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with this one.


Brezeln or Brezel is the German version of the pretzel. The B comes the the region it originated in – Bavaria, Germany. At Von Elrod’s, we make our very own pretzels on-site in our bakery, so that you can have your very own slice of Germany here at home.


Weisswurst is a white sausage originating in Bavaria, Germany. This staple is eaten for breakfast all throughout Germany. At first, this sausage may look kind of funky because of it’s white texture; however, this sausage is a must try.

Schwarzwälder Kirschtort

Do we have any chocolate lovers here? Well, the German Schwarzwälder kirschtort won’t disappoint. Schwarzwälder kirschtort is a spongy Southeast German chocolate cake, otherwise known as Black Forest cake. It’s Germany’s most popular cake known to date.

Get A Taste Of Germany In Nashville
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