Our Story

Our Story

OUR LOVE FOR BEER GARDENS started in 2001, when our founder Austin Elrod Ray visited Oktoberfest in Munich as a recent college graduate. Between the lively and familial atmosphere, the incredible food–and of course the beer, he was hooked.

Fast-forward many beer garden visits later to 2016. Austin and Jason Brumm–friends and restaurant industry peers for 15 years–had an epiphany over a beer at Austin’s home. Jason noticed a sausage cookbook in Austin’s kitchen–it was the same one he had been reading at home. At that moment, they knew Austin’s long-desired beer garden concept would be paired with Jason’s dream of a butchery and fresh sausage program.

Jason is now Von Elrod’s “Chief Sausage Officer”, our expert in hand-cranked, fresh sausages featuring quality cuts of meat from trusted suppliers. Fresh herbs, bold flavors, and live-fire cooking make our sausages stand out from any we’ve ever tried. Pair that with a stein of world-class beer from 36 taps, and you will experience the pure joy of beer and sausage Von Elrod’s is known for.

Although the roots of Von Elrod’s are in Germany, we’re not an old-world place. The key components of age-old beer gardens are here, but our design, inventive food and beer selections, and passion for hospitality are far from old-world. Cheers!


Von Elrod’s Tennessee Barbecue

Von Elrod’s Beer Hall carries on the tradition of smoked meats and Tennessee BBQ that began over a century ago in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville, TN. German residents who settled in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville brought with them the tradition of butchery and smoked meats that spans centuries. Within blocks of our location, Nashville’s original salt-lick and stockyard supplied cuts of beef and pork to family-owned butcher shops, meat suppliers, and barbecue restaurants that honored a generations-old tradition of natural, farm-raised smoked meats and BBQ in Tennessee.

Today, Von Elrod’s sources the very best cuts of beef, pork, and chicken from suppliers we know and farms we have visited for our BBQ program. Home Place Pastures brings the pork butts, ribs, and shoulders for our world-class pulled pork BBQ and sausages, the beef for our tender barbecue brisket comes from caring suppliers like Creekstone Farms, who raise animals in a humane, healthy, and sustainable way. All of our chicken or turkey for barbecue and chicken sausages is sustainably raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics.

To carry on the tradition of butchery and barbecue in the Germantown neighborhood of Nashville, we have invested in mastering the time-honored craft of butchery in our own butcher room, where fresh pork butts and brisket are prepared for the smoker for BBQ, and fresh and smoked sausages are hand-cranked and prepared for the natural wood smoker or wood grill. Come see the butcher room for yourself, visible right from the beer hall dining room. We love for our guests to see where the sausage is made! Our best-in-class Little Red Smokehouse smoker, and oak and hickory wood grill turn out pulled pork barbecue, BBQ brisket, smoked sausages and wood-grilled fresh sausages, and mouth-watering Tennessee BBQ ribs.


Sports Bar & Beer Hall

We love our sports at Von Elrod’s Beer Hall! Nothing goes better with watching sports than a big stein of American Craft beer or world-class German or Belgian beer from our bar and 36 taps. On game day, we come to play. Whether Titans NFL football, Predators NHL hockey, Sounds baseball, or Nashville Soccer, we have you covered. We have large group seating for watching sports, and enough TVs inside the beer hall and outside on the covered patio to make a sports bar experience come alive.

When a beer hall and kitchen acts like a sports bar, you get the best of both worlds. Our smoked meats and barbecue are world-class for watching sports. Pulled pork BBQ, BBQ beef brisket, BBQ ribs, and smoked or fresh grilled bratwurst and sausages go great with the game. Fresh baked German pretzels with beer cheese, loads of snacks and appetizers to share, burgers, bratwursts and sausages, sandwiches, hand-cut fries, entrees, and even big platters that are great for groups can feed any sports crowd you bring.

On Saturdays and Sundays, sports and brunch go hand-in-hand. Start off with Big Ass Mimosa or a cold beer with your brunch, and enjoy egg dishes, hashbrowns, pancakes, pecan sticky buns, and a variety of freshly baked items while cheering on your favorite SEC football or NFL football team.

Large group seating and group reservations are available for watching your favorite football, hockey, soccer, or baseball sports team live, or pre-gaming for Titans, Predators, Sounds, or Nashville Soccer.

Tailgating off-site at the game? No problem! We offer pickup and drop-off catering to make your sports tailgate unforgettable. We’re not just a beer hall and beer garden, we hand-crank world-class bratwurst and sausages, and smoke the best Southern barbecue brisket, pulled pork, and BBQ ribs you can find. We can pack it all up with sides, buns, and everything you need for a sports tailgating experience.