Baseball season is BACK! Here’s where to watch in Nashville

Baseball season is what spring, summer, and fall are all about. You may like to do other things during these times of the year, but nothing beats the excitement in the air, watching your team showing what they’re made of, and singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game during the 7th inning stretch, while a little bit buzzed with your friends.

So when you find that perfect location to watch the games while drinking some of the best draft beers on the planet, it kind of becomes your home away from home. And that’s what Von Elrod’s offers. Let’s take a closer look at why we know you’ll love it here.

Beer Selections to Batter Up

What’s a good game without a good beer in your hand? From pregaming to enjoying a brew while on the edge of your seat, we have what you need to get in the mood.


Get a Wiseacre Tiny Bomb made right here in Tennessee by our friends at Wiseacre Brewing Company in Memphis; or a true Belgian with a Bavik Super Pils, or drink to your heart’s content and give back to the community with a Von Elrod’s Neighborhood Pilsner — a portion of every glass sold goes to local charities.

Lagers and Ales

If you prefer blonde ales, New Heights BrewShine will become your new favorite brew. Or if you want something that will take you back to your Hofbräuhaus study abroad days in Munich, you can try our Reissdorf Kölsch, Spaten Munich, or a delicious Hi-Wire lager.

Dark Ales

If you belong in the Dark Side, we’ve got you covered. Our Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter and Hi-Wire 5W-30 Coffee Stout will remind you of your best winter memories, and make you feel all warm and cozy, thankful to have a warm place to sit with friends to watch some baseball.


For those who like some bitterness in their brews, you can choose between our New Belgium VooDoo Ranger, Bearded Iris Homestyle, or Southern Grist Teal Hazy IPAs. Each of them come with unique flavors, from the tropical variety, to ripe citrus and Mosaic hops. You won’t want to share these.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. We have 36 beers on tap, so no matter your preferences, you’ll be able to watch your team play while enjoying some of the best beers in town.

Food Options to Last Through Nine Innings — and Even Overtime

What’s a good game without food? Sure, you could grab a generic hot dog and watered-down beer from the stadium, but you know deep down in your heart that those aren’t the kind of meals you’d opt for if you had choices. Well, we’re happy to tell you that when you watch the game from Von Elrod’s, you do get top choices, including:

  • Smoked chicken wings
  • Bratwurst sausages
  • Wood grilled cheeseburgers
  • Texas-style beef brisket
  • Louis spare ribs
  • Adobo chicken bowls
  • Southern BBQ meats
  • Mac-n-cheese
  • Crispy fries
  • Sweet potato fries
  • Loaded potato salad

And since vegetarian eateries are becoming more and more popular in Nashville, we stepped up to the plate with such options:

  • Wood grilled veggie burgers
  • Housemade pretzels (Classic Bavarian and Jalapeño cheddar)
  • Avocado Crunch salad — with black beans and pumpkin seeds so you can get your protein!

Check out our full menu so you can see for yourself that we’re not playing around. We leave that for the guys on the field.

Good Environment to Keep You in Good Spirits

In addition to coming over to watch baseball, you can fill up your entire social calendar with fun events going on at Von Elrod’s. Take a look at our online calendar to stay updated on our happy hours and team trivias, live bluegrass performances, free Pretzel Tuesdays, and Big Stein Thursdays!

Make sure to also mark your calendars for our annual Oktoberfest celebration! And if you’re looking for a venue for your next event, we can make it happen right here, on-site. So come for baseball and stay for a million additional reasons!

Great Location to Save You an Uber Drive

We’re located at 1004 4th Avenue N, right across from First Horizon Park, home of the Nashville Sounds! So you can either come watch the games here, or cross the street after watching it live!