Craft Beer Trends To Watch For In The New Year

Last year was a tough one for craft beer. But craft beer brewers are no strangers to change. Always up to something new, they’re masters of reinventing themselves.

In response to changing preferences, brewers are, well, brewing new beverages. Our list includes not only different types of beer but also a few nonalcoholic options, too.

These are some of the trends in craft beer we predict we’ll see this year. 


Craft Beer Trends In 2024

Beer Styles

Let’s start with the beer styles.

Pilsners are likely to remain a favorite. Besides the traditional Czech and German styles, West Coast Pilsners are catching on, too. 

West Coast IPAs are expected to make a comeback. These beers are extra hoppy, pleasantly bitter, and full of piney, citrusy notes. They have an old-school flavor that reminds us of craft beer’s early days.

Hazy IPAs have become the new IPAs. This sub-style has a less bitter finish and is a bit sweeter. Known for its fruity, tropical tang, it’s also nicknamed “juicy”. 

Sour beers are another style we’re likely to continue seeing. Using acidity to balance out the sweetness of malt, they’re often brewed with fruit that then makes them bright and tangy.


Nonalcoholic beer

Nonalcoholic beers are brewed the same way as regular beers, except alcohol is removed through vacuum distillation or reverse osmosis or the fermentation process is stopped before too much alcohol develops. So, you end up with a beverage that looks and tastes just like a regular beer but has less than 0.5% alcohol content.

We’ve got four different kinds of nonalcoholic beers on our menu, including a Hazy IPA and an Italian Pilsner. They’re refreshing and perfect for when you’re the DD! 


THC and CBD-infused drinks

Craft brewers are also experimenting with other nonalcoholic options: CBD and THC. U.S. law currently doesn’t allow the use of cannabis in alcoholic beverages, which is why these drinks are alcohol-free.

You can try CBD and THC-infused drinks from Better Than Booze at our Nashville beer hall and kitchen! Made with 6mg of CBD, 2mg of THC, and natural flavors, these sparkly beverages taste like a good night without bad decisions. 


Hop Water

If you love the taste of hops, this one is for you. Made from hops and carbonated water, hop water comes in bottles and cans or can be poured on draft. 

Hoppy and fizzy, it’s a full-bodied drink that doesn’t contain any alcohol.


Spiked Seltzer 

Aside from craft beer, spiked seltzers really had a moment this year and it’s not over just yet. If you’re more into fizzy drinks than beer, then you’re in luck.

Get yourself a High Noon at Von Elrod’s when you feel like having something a little fruitier. We’ve got peach, watermelon, and pineapple, each with just a 4.5% proof.


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