Derby Day 2024 At Von Elrod’s

If you’re new here, there’s one thing you should know about us: we LOVE throwing parties at Von Elrod’s. Now that that’s been said, let’s continue.

The Kentucky Derby is one of a kind.

This iconic event takes place every year on the first Saturday of May. Around 150,000 people (that’s more than the Super Bowl!) come together for the food, fashion, and festivities. Oh, yeah, and the race! 😉

Besides the horses, there are also the hats. Did you ever wonder why they wear those big hats at the Kentucky Derby?

They’re believed to bring good luck. You could say they’re like the Derby’s lucky charms! They were originally only worn by women, but men have been getting in on the fun over the last few years, too. 

With these hats, the sky’s the limit (literally!) Some will have big brims with ornaments stacked high, others will be small and elegant. They’re almost as much fun to look at as watching the race, that’s for sure!

They say the Derby is “the most exciting two minutes of sports”, and we are indeed suckers for a good ol’ adrenaline rush…

So… if you haven’t guessed it already: we’ll be hosting a Kentucky Derby watch party – with some themed contests, of course!


Talk Derby to Me!

Our Derby Day party will be on Saturday, May 4th. The festivities start at noon!

Besides the classic Von Elrod’s good vibes and our big screens, we’ll also have a few more things waiting for you. 

There’ll be…

Brunch from 10am-2pm 

Mint Julep Specials (The Derby’s signature drink!)

Big Hat Contest at 5pm

Best Dressed Contest at 5pm (Check out their 2024 Style Guide for some inspiration)

Dress up in your most fabulous outfit and come watch the race at Nashville’s premier beer garden! See you there!

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