German Beer Styles You Need to Know

Think all beer is the same? Think again! There are a variety of different beer styles all over the world with many countries brewing up beers that have specific flavor profiles that are unique to their region. If you didn’t already know, beer is a major part of German culture (hello Oktoberfest). In fact, Germany has influenced beer drinking around the world and has contributed with a variety of styles that can be found right here at Von Elrod’s!

Fill Your Stein with One of These

Before you belly up to our bar or grab a table in our outdoor beer garden, we have a few ideas of what you should be sipping on to make our friends in Germany proud. Now let’s get on to this quick beer lesson so you can be on your way to the fun stuff – picking out your stein!

  • Märzen – Malty, amber in color, and extremely drinkable. No wonder this beer is a favorite during Oktoberfest!
  • Hefeweizen (weissbier) – A wheat beer with a light body, hint of bananas, and slightly sweet finish. Not into a lot of hops in your brew? Then this one is for you!
  • Dunkleweizen (Dunkels weissbier) – Want something a little darker? This beer style boasts a flavor similar to a Hefeweizen while adding hints of caramel.
  • Kölsch – A session beer that is light golden in color, a tad bitter, and a little hoppy with a crisp finish. This is definitely the ideal beer for unwinding after a long, hot day.

 Other German beer styles you can find on our menu include Dopplebocks, Helles Lagers, Berliner Weisses, Pilsners, Goses, and more. Not only are all of these beer styles great drinking options, but they all pair nicely with one of our house-cranked sausage!

See You in The Beer Garden

As you may already know, we love beer at Von Elrod’s. We have 36 taps on deck at all times including local craft brew, nationally distributed craft brews, and even an assortment of beers from all of the world. Our bottle list is even more impressive with bottles ranging from basic to world-class. Not planning a trip to Germany anytime soon? No worries, come by our Nashville beer garden and grab a taste of Bavaria with a cool Hefeweizen or transport yourself to Munich with a Märzen.

Ready to grab a stein? Visit us for weekend brunch, Germantown Tuesdays, or to just grab a cold one. We’ll see you soon. Prost!