5 to Try: Friend Zone

5 to Try: Friend zone

Ah, the friend zone. There’s no worse place to be if you’re on the losing end of an unrequited love — but then again, maybe there is. Hey, I’ll take friend zone over restraining order any day, on either end of that relationship. Still, if you’re about to let him or her know that they’re never gonna get with *all of this* and you want to let them down easy, so as to avoid becoming a Lifetime movie based on a true story, you’ll want to avoid romantic vibes. There are tons of places with great, friendly vibes, delicious food and a good crowd around in case someone starts to ugly-cry. Here are five to consider.

Von Elrod’s Beer Garden & Sausage House

1004 Fourth Ave. N.
vonelrods.com; 615-866-1620

Signs he’s just not that into you: It takes him three days and several prompts to respond to a text. He invites you over to watch the game, but he sits in between two of his bros. He picks a dinner spot with the words “Sausage House” in the name. Look, there’s nothing wrong with a sausage house, particularly when it’s Von Elrod’s Beer Garden & Sausage House. They’re making all their sausages in said sausage house, they have ginormous beers and they have big communal tables. All the better to meet your next unsuspecting romantic interest.

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