Austin Ray & Jason Brumm Announce Details of Their Planned Germantown Restaurant

Nashville’s dining scene has been abuzz ever since Austin Ray and Chef Jason Brumm announced they were partnering on an undisclosed project in a yet-to-be-named location. There were few details in the original disclosure other than it was promised to bring a much-needed type of food to a neighborhood that was underserved, but Tennessean food writer Jim Myers breathlessly hinted, “I’ve been selfishly waiting thirty years for a place like this to open in Nashville. I am giddy with hope and excitement.”

High praise, indeed, but if you know Jim, there were some clues in that initial article. In addition to being a veteran food writer, Jim is a proud native of Wisconsin and a big baseball fan. So when word became official that the new Ray/Brumm restaurant will be a sausage and beer garden named Von Elrod’s, located less than a hundred feet from the home-plate entrance of First Tennessee Park, it all begins to make sense.

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