5 local potato dishes you’ll want to sink your teeth into

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You say potato, I say keep ’em coming, and I’ll probably want seconds. I’m such a meat-and-potatoes fan that often I can just skip the meat entirely. And while few things in life beat the tater tots from Sonic, I did manage to find just a few examples around town that you’re going to want to sink your potato grinders into immediately. With or without some meat on the side.

Von Elrod’s Beer Garden & Sausage House

1004 Fourth Ave. N.
vonelrods.com; 615-866-1620

I guess we’re going a little international today, because next up are some Belgian fries. I know, I know. You’ve always loved Belgium for its beer, its chocolate, its waffles, its chocolate, its crepes and its chocolate. But they’ve mastered the french fry, which in some cases — like this one — simply and obviously becomes a Belgian fry. You can get them twice fried (which is standard), dressed in garlic and Parmesan, dusted in truffles or even, yes, poutine’d. It turns out french fries actually originated in Belgium. Today, I give back the credit to the crafty Belgians. As long as they give me fries in return.

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