The 14 Best Bars in Nashville 2023

By Jacob Smith

The proving ground of numerous American singer-songwriters, Music City is a place alive with energy and excitement, as typified by the city’s infamous Honky Tonk Highway. Unsurprisingly, this musical pedigree has long drawn locals and tourists alike into the city’s bars and clubs. In 2022, Nashville had almost 15 million visitors.

The demand for bars is currently being met by a diverse range of Nashville proprietors who each aim to fill a specific niche. This means that, aside from the ubiquitous honky tonks, today’s Nashville is also home to excellent speakeasies, taprooms, and dives. In this article, we have highlighted a variety of these establishments.

While naming something as “the best” is debatable, each bar on this list is a leader in its specific niche and has many loyal fans, both tourists and locals. So while Nashville is known for its music, it’s in these bars that you’ll find the city’s soul.

Von Elrod’s Beer Hall & Kitchen

With 38 beers on tap, Von Elrod’s Beer Hall & Kitchen more than lives up to its name. The majority of those on offer either come from local breweries or from Germany itself. As such, Von Elrod’s offerings range from the best wheat beers in the world to local brown ales, an eclectic mix that is sure to impress any avid beer drinker. For those less inclined to beer, Von Elrod’s also sells cocktails, including frozen margaritas and mimosas by the liter.

Located in Germantown, it is no surprise Von Elrod’s Beer Hall & Kitchen taps into Germany’s extensive beer culture in many ways. However, it is the bar’s location across from Nashville Sounds baseball stadium that can make the place really raucous, as one customer highlighted on TripAdvisor: “It is a sports bar, beer garden with gourmet level eats in Germantown directly across from the baseball stadium.”

Von Elrod’s trademark beer cheese-coated giant pretzels are the perfect thing to munch on while watching the game. Just be sure to order another stein before those from the stadium come flooding out.

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