The Best Beers To Sip On During The Holidays, According To The People Who Know Best

There’s no disputing the importance of alcohol during the holiday season. From cocktails to champagne and punches to beer, there’s always a time and place for booze come winter. While we enjoy cocktails and the like, today, we turn our attention to holiday brews. The season is perfectly suited for porters, stouts, barrel-aged beers, and Christmas ales.

Lucas Siegel, bar manager at Von Elrod’s Beer Hall & Kitchen in Nashville

I’m going with Bell’s Christmas Ale. Some Christmas and holiday beers just add spice to one of their regular offerings or go super dark with a rich porter or a creamy stout. Here we have the oft-overlooked Scotch Ale. It’s darker than your average beer with notes of caramel and the obligatory spices to bring the pinewood and maple directly into your olfactory senses. You don’t have to be Scottish or celebrate Christmas to enjoy it, promise.

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