The TasteBuds Do Germantown

By Melissa Corbin & Delia Jo Ramsey

Melissa Corbin and Delia Jo Ramsey here. We’re a Nashville-loving duo who’ve bonded through the last few years over a little shared grief and a lot of love for food and travel. We love great dining experiences and the people behind them.

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So welcome to our new food-focused platform, “The TasteBuds,” thanks to The Nashvillian. The TasteBuds are a little bit salty and a little bit sweet — you can decide which is which! We have been dining our way around Nashville and beyond for … a few decades now. That’s a lot of fried chicken and biscuits, friends.

We’re always on the hunt for new music, too, and this month’s cover story about Joy Oladokun definitely struck a sweet chord with both of us. “Loving you is a sweet symphony,” she duets with Chris Stapleton on “Sweet Symphony,” and whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your sweetest, your best bud, or all by yourself, February is a month when love is on the tip of our tongues, where sweetness truly abides.

Since we’ve been at this for a minute, we’d like to share some of our favorites, old and new, within the neighborhoods you call home. And we’re starting  with Germantown, where the old and new collide with often delicious results!

If you need an hour of happy a little earlier, raise a stein or two at Von Elrod’s Beer Hall & Kitchen, where happy hour starts at 2 p.m. They offer something like 38 beers on tap, for goodness sakes. And any time of the day or week you can also enjoy house-smoked sausages, Southern-style barbecue, and a host of Oktoberfest-inspired eats. Come weekend brunch time, belly up for one of their Big Ass Mimosas, which comes in an enormous stein, of course!

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