Vanderbilt Parent’s Weekend: DIY Edition

By Greer Fraser and Grace Delmonte

It’s that time of the semester — parents are antsy. Tracking their precious kids on Life360 just doesn’t cut it anymore. An in-person visit to Nashville is necessary to check in on the well-being of their darling children, and let’s be real — make some critiques about how college is so different from when they attended back in the Stone Age. In order to make the weekend visit go as smoothly as possible, here is a guide on the best spots and activities to do with your parents to show them how college kids have a good time, relax and get by in the 21st century.

Vanderbilt favorites

If you’re looking for a restaurant fit for all types of people (and animals!), Von Elrod’s is the place to go. No reservations are required, and the long picnic tables can fit any number of people in your party. Vanderbilt students love to frequent here on Thursday nights or for brunch on the weekends, so it’s a perfect place to show your parents the real Commodore experience. The indoor and outdoor seating provides accommodations for whatever weather Nashville decides to throw at you that day, and you can choose between a waiter and walk-up counter to be served. To top off this restaurant’s flexibility and ambiance, the menu is full of a variety of options including loaded pretzels, wings, tacos, salads and even gluten-free items. In addition to delicious food, parents love the concept of a beer stein as it takes them back to their college days.

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