Von Elrod’s, Where Beer, Bratwurst, and Community Meet

Drop in Von Elrod’s on a busy night or festival weekend and you just might find yourself in a stein-holding competition. Participants hold a 32 oz stein straight out, seeing who can hold it the longest. Drop the glass, spill your beer, or drop your arm below the 90 degree angle and you are disqualified. Last man and woman standing is the winner. Not up to that? Settle down in one of the “butt-hugger” benches right next to your neighbor. Contoured and angled to do just that, these massive benches stretch alongside tables spanning nearly the full length of the renovated 1950’s Trailblazer bus station. Whereas most restaurants are not designed to accommodate large groups, Von Elrod’s welcomes them with cozy communal benches and outstretched stein-holding arms. Patrons are naturally brought together, by principle and by design.

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