Von Elrod’s And Hockey: A Perfect Match

The hockey season is almost over, come to Von Elrod’s to watch the last few Predators games!

What other sport keeps you on your toes as much as hockey does? It’s fast-paced and everything happens at lightning speed. You just can’t take your eyes off the rink. Blink and you might miss something!

The non-stop action. The goals. The slap shots. Players speeding up and down. 

There’s nothing like watching a hockey game to get your heart racing. It’s really a thrill that can’t be beat. 

How You Can Get Into The Hockey Spirit With Von Elrod’s

Now you can enjoy the Predators’ famous chicken and waffles with our Neighborhood Pilsner! That’s right, the beer we all love is now available at the arena. How awesome is that?

Sports games are always a good excuse to get together with friends. Watch the game with some craft beers in hand at Von Elrod’s! Name a better way to cool off after an intense game than with a refreshing brew. 😉

You can move around and spread out as much as you like – there’s plenty of space here. Our communal tables make it easy to meet new people, even if you’re not from around here.

Dogs are welcome in our beer garden and on our patio. Bring your furry friend and enjoy these first spring days!

After the game, come for a late dinner or a celebratory drink! We also have some tasty snacks if you just want to get a small bite afterwards. Our soft, warm pretzels will be waiting!

We’re five minutes by car from Bridgestone Arena or 25 minutes by foot through Downtown. Want to watch the game after class? Vanderbilt is just a 10 minute drive away.

What better way to end the season than to watch the last games with us? We look forward to seeing you!