Von Elrod’s Survival Guide For The Big Game: Sessionable Brews & Eats

Probably one of the best things we’ve learned over the years from one-too-many-drunken Super Bowl Sunday’s is how not to take it too far. We wouldn’t say we’ve mastered it, but… well… it’s a work in progress.

The trick to making it to the final quarter is to eat and drink wisely. It’s all about having a game plan.

Beer is most definitely the choice of drink for any gameday. This is something we can’t disagree with. However, not just any beer will do. You gotta go for sessionable beers. These are the kinds you can drink and drink (and drink and drink) for hours and hours. They have a low alcohol content, around 4-5%, and go great with a meal. Yep, they’re also great for tailgating.

Lucky for you, at Von Elrod’s we’ve got plenty of sessionable beers and a delectable menu to go with them.

Check out our (not-so-official) Survival Guide for The Big Game below. You can thank us later! 😉

The Big Game at Von Elrod’s  

You’ve arrived. You got your table. Menus in hand. You’re ready to order your first beer of the evening. It’s go time.

The key is to stick to lighter, more acidic, or fruitier beers. Beers like Berliner Weisse, fruity wheat ales, crisp lagers, and pilsners are all great choices. 

With that in mind, kick off the first half of the game with a Bitburger Pilsner,  

Reissdorf Kölsch, or a Weihenstephaner Helles. Don’t forget some snacks to share! What goes better with beer than wings? Ours are smoky, spicy, and drizzled with red chile BBQ sauce and Bama white. Craving something different? Go for our fried pickle chips. These crunchy, salty chips have a little sour zing and come with a creamy buttermilk dill ranch. 

There go the halftime whistles! Time for a breather. Once the show’s over, it’s back to the game and back to the beer. 

As things start to heat up during the third quarter, you’re going to need something to cool down. Order a Neighborhood Pilsner, a Wiseacre Tiny Bomb Pilsner, or a Taco Tuesday Mexican-Style Lager.

When hunger strikes, fuel up with our tacos, sandwiches, or house-smoked meats. A real crowd-pleaser, our Wood-Grilled Cheeseburger is made with Porter Road ground beef, sharp yellow cheddar, and sunshine sauce. If your tipsy taste buds want something a little spicier, try our Jalapeño Cheddarwurst. It’s deliciously hot and topped with crispy fried onions and refreshing red cabbage slaw. 

Next thing you know, the fourth quarter has started. It’ll soon be time to wrap up the evening, but before that, you’ve still got a little time to enjoy. Cap off the night with a Goat Island Blood Orange Berliner Weisse, a Southern Grist Southern Crisp, or a Golden Road Mango Cart.

If you plan to drink, remember to have a DD in your crew! And, hey, why not pick up the tab for them as a thank you?


See you for The Big Game!

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