Von Elrod’s: The best place to watch college football in Nashville

Football season is in full swing at Von Elrod’s!

Whether you’re at the stadium or watching it on TV, there’s nothing like a football game to bring old and new friends together. It’s the perfect excuse to have a few beers, kick back and share some good times. 

Watching a game always gets a little crazy. There’s so much going on at the same time. It’s loud, there’s tension, and there’s lots of yelling. Do you know that feeling? We love it! 

When you wait for the final score, and everyone keeps quiet until it’s announced. When your favorite player makes that unexpected touchdown. The energy doesn’t end until the game does. And, if your team won, it’ll last all week.

Gameday definitely brings out all the emotions. It’s pure madness and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Win or loss, a football game is fun no matter what. It’s the passion of the players and the love of the fans that makes it all so special.


Football Season at Von Elrod’s

During the season, we’ll always have the sound on for the Tennessee Titans and the Tennessee Volunteers games. For other teams, we’ll turn up the volume if you ask.

On weekends, you can enjoy brunch with friends in our beer garden. When you come by during the week, you’re welcome to have a BBQ dinner or some snacks like pretzels with us. What’s better than watching a game with that classic smell of BBQ in the air?

If you’re new in town, no worries. Our communal seating makes it super easy to meet new people. You’ll be rooting for your team together with fellow fans before you know it!

Our patio and beer garden are both dog-friendly. Even your pup is welcome to join in on the fun.

We’re just a quick 10-minute drive from Vanderbilt. Stop by to watch a game and unwind after a long day with a beer! We don’t want to get too nostalgic, but football games during your college years will probably be some of the best memories you take with you. These times are definitely priceless.

Come support your team at Von Elrod’s! We hope to see you for the next game!