Why Brunch Should Be Part Of Your Weekend Plans

When it comes to the weekend, we don’t think you should have to talk your friends into going to brunch. Let’s be honest, brunch is ALWAYS a good idea! But, just in case your crew is hurting from the night before or feeling less than enthused for a day out, here are a few ways to get them out of bed and over to our winter beer garden ASAP!

Reason 1: It’s The Freakin’ Weekend, Baby. Let’s Have Some Fun.
Congrats, you made it to the weekend! All week you went to work and did the damn thing. Now it’s time to unwind. Want to watch the big game? Cheer on your favorite team on with a group of current (and new) friends while enjoying a few drinks, and of course, a fat stack of Malted Blueberry Pancakes doesn’t hurt either. Whether you’ve got a solid group of four or you’re rolling deep with a larger crew, our winter beer garden and dining hall can accommodate parties big and small. 

Reason 2: Three Letters. One Big A$$ Drink.
Nothing gets a crowd’s attention like ordering our Big A$$ Mimosa. For those who are in the know, our B.A.M. comes in two flavors — regular and rosé — and is served in a 1-liter stein. Get the party started – or keeps it going – with this legendary brunch drink. Don’t think you can handle the B.A.M? No worries, we have 36 drafts, a bottled beer list that’s among the best in Nashville, and tbh, our Von’s Bloody Mary packs a punch with 3 pepper-infused Tito’s vodka, fresno, andouille, bacon, house pickles, and celery. Trust us,  there’s not a chance you’re leaving the best brunch restaurant in Nashville thirsty! 

Reason 3: Plain Old Breakfast Is Overrated.
You could stay home on Saturday and Sunday and eat your bowl of cereal, or you can treat yourself to a great brunch. Our weekend brunch menu includes Malted Blueberry Pancakes, Chicken Fried Chicken Biscuits, Pecan Sticky Buns, Smoked Brisket Hash, and more! 

Reason 4: Who Doesn’t Love Germantown?
Our Germantown restaurant is close and convenient to everything in Nashville! If you’re in from out of town and want to easily check out the sights of Broadway after enjoying a tasty meal with us, you’ll be a quick ride or walk away. If you’re a local and finding it hard to get your Nations friends to meetup with your East Nasty crew, then Germantown is the perfect location to make everyone happy. Plus, our newly decorated, festive winter beer garden is located right next Bicentennial Mall, First Tennessee Park, and so much more! 

Ready to go-big-or-go-home this weekend at our beer hall? Brunch goes from 9:30am-2:00pm every Saturday and Sunday. We’ll see you there bright and early!